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Helping Enterprises Transform their Businesses to Stay Ahead of Digital Disruptions

In an age when technology, in some form or the other, is a fundamental part of most people's lives, Information Technology (IT) is firmly in place as one of the pillars on which businesses are built. It is not just about having the latest hardware anymore; the right software solutions have the power to propel your business forward ahead of the competition. Tech Avenue offers its expertise in the following domains.

Our Services




Tech Avenue SOCs differ from traditional security operations centers 
when it comes to delivering effective cyber security. In addition to 
security device monitoring and alerting,




Tech Avenue offers NOC as a service that monitors infrastructure health, capacity and ensures maximum network performance. Our NOC as a service provides comprehensive monitoring and remediation services for servers, networks, applications, databases and workstations.



With a highly accomplished and skilled team that has an approach based firmly on industry best practices, we are well placed to assist you with projects of all proportions and complexities.

Software Testing

& Quality Assurance

In the digital order of light-speed releases, trends in QA and testing align closely with those in software development. Ensuring a seamless customer experience is now a top QA priority for the executive management.



In order for you to scale your technical support services, we can create automated responses that address standard technical issues thereby optimizing agent efficiency. A dedicated and highly experienced team is available on call for complex issues that need higher-tier support.



In order for businesses to receive the maximum benefits from digital technology, they need to implement digital solutions for their combined business and IT strategies to produce growth and innovation in their businesses to drive their bottom lines.



Tech Avenue offers its clients vulnerability assessment services, which is a comprehensive evaluation of a system for exposed vulnerabilities without their direct exploitation. Cost effective, regular vulnerability assessments provides clear understanding of your security posture and ensures compliance with industry best practices.

We identify ways that hackers can penetrate into your systems, and the impact it has on your business. Our penetration testing subjects your network and applications to real-world cyber-attack scenarios, to get a complete understanding of your vulnerabilities.




An Information Systems Audit increases transparency and tractability by providing an organization with an overview of the current state of their information systems,

Infrastructure security platform


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