Complex Challenges,
Innovative Solutions

Converting your ideas and challenges into viable solutions.


Tech Avenue develops as well as participates in innovative custom software application solutions that best meet clients’ complex business needs, budget, schedule, and existing IT infrastructure.

  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved process efficiencies
  • Greater cost reductions to increase business value

Tech Avenue project teams are uniquely equipped to address even the most unusual and challenging problems

often where other development efforts have failed. We’re quite comfortable with the entire process of software development, factoring in unforeseen circumstances, so when your project has its first hiccup, you can rely on us to know how to overcome any unexpected technical issues and keep the project on track.

Our developers follow a proven software development process that is built on realistic estimates, a flexible methodology, and a belief in raw talent. Our developers apply the principles of “agile” software development in a flexible, practical way that respects the iterations of software development, and allows for any necessary adjustments or changes of course.

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