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Whether you’re a large enterprise, a small-to-mid-sized business lacking in IT expertise or looking for
availability solutions perfect for computing firepower,


we offer a range of solutions engineered to address your specific requirements. Our solutions enable rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures without any changes to your applications and without the need for specialized expertise.

Our team integrates perpetual monitoring services with always-on hardware and software, and virtualization technologies to deliver the reliability that you can depend on



Our team of dedicated professionals not only deliver progressive solutions with unmatched security but also maintain excellent workmanship
that provides peace of mind



At TechAvenue we believe in building and maintaining long term relationships with all our clientele.



With our team of seasoned  professionals who have a knack for solving complex solutions, we strive to get things done the way that is most effective.

Virtualization helps with the ongoing effort to consolidate network resources, but increasingly organizations are also banking on automation to help meet challenges in the most effective way.

As networks become more complex — with virtual servers and switches, public and private clouds, and remote access from an array of portable devices — resource intensive tasks are no longer a viable option, especially when rapid provisioning is necessary.

In order to coordinate the deployment and on-demand provisioning of new services, organizations will need to deploy automation tools that react to predefined requests for changes in the network. This may be to react automatically for traffic rerouting to better performing network paths, cyber security or to support customer self-care portals where new services can be created on demand and with automated provisioning.

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